here comes the sun

~ and now she shines on me

and the dark cloud in her

[hüpfed] is jumping around

the [buchstaben] letters

and in the words

and the [forward] next [balken] stripe

on brilliant red too [small] slim

[becomming] becoms other lines,

bigger and bigger in orange

and [further] after [below] above yellow;

making a coming-out

with the light blue [ciel] heaven,

[who] which is dark-blueblack behind.

[I’m warming up] I start feeling to be warmed

and be golden flamed in my face

and my hair [plustert sich auf] spreads

to be nearer and nearer to the sun.

my eyes [verweigern] reviews

the view outside,


it would be her death.


I. S., 17.10.08, 7:15 über Griechenland ~

here comes the sun ~ in BEATLES-composition